PeePee buddy

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Stay safe, keep the kids away from nasty public bathrooms

No matter if they are in Car, Train, Plane, Boats, Park, Supermarket, School,...

Use this secret weapon against all the germs, microbes and viruses

"Can't live without it!
I had bought this for my potty training 3 year old toddler for our Disney World trip. She was a beginner at potty training and no way am I bringing her into those nasty public bathrooms..."

"Love the travel urinal!!
Love it! Works well it’s sealed well so it doesn’t leak and it comes in handy when you’re out and about and my 3 yrs old has to go to the bathroom...."

"Life saver!
Can't really say anything bad about it. This is a lifesaver when you have young girls on a long family trip or walk..."

PeePee buddy



🚫 Say No to Coronavirus!

With This, Your Adorable Won't Use Nasty Public Bathrooms Anymore!

  • 👉 Keep Your Child Safe from germs found in nasty public bathrooms
  • 👉 No Leaking and Anti-odor. Provided with cap ring to prevent any unwanted odor or spills
  • 👉 Reusable, Easy to Use and Clean. Just rinse with warm water
  • 👉 Small Size with Big Capacity 17 oz. Light Weight. Fits into most diaper bags.
  • 👉 PeePee buddy is great for Indoor and Outdoor use, Kids Pee Training, Long Car Rides, Train Travel, Plane Travel, Boats, Parks, Supermarkets and much more...

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    girl - Pink
    boy - Blue
    boy - Yellow
    girl - Yellow

    We Accept the Love, We Think you Deserve

    Potty Training can be challenging especially when children need to use the bathroom frequently in the beginning stages or when out and on the go.

    Peepee Buddy brings you the best and the safest solution. Discreet and Easy to Carry, Peepee Buddy Portable Potties offers the convenience of being ready to use anywhere and anytime.

    Peepee Buddy Portable Potties are reusable and can be used at home, in the car, at the parkswimming pool, or beach, while camping, and while traveling in airports, airplanes, boats, trains and much more.

    Peepee Buddy Portable Potty is designed with a funnel and silicone ring with a snap cap to prevent spills, leakage, or odor.

    Peepee Buddy Portable Potty comes in Blue & Yellow for boys, and Pink & yellow for girls. No need to scramble to the nasty public toilets, Peepee Buddy Portable Potty come in a small size that fits into most diaper bags.

    Now you can go out with your toddler in confidence even while potty training knowing you don’t have to wait in long lines at the mall trying to avoid an accident.


    1. Leak-proof design, leak-proof isolation cover design to prevent leakage of liquid, clean and hygienic.
    2. Sealing design: The mouth of the pot is sealed with a silicone ring to ensure no leakage or no odor, even in hot summer.
    3. Press button design: The opening of the pot adopts a press button design, more convenient to use.
    4. Gender classification, more humanized.

    Item: PeePee buddy Urinal Pot
    Suitable age: 2Y+
    Size: 22*8cm / 8.7*3.1in
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    3. Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
    You will receive:
    1 X PeePee buddy Urinal Pot




    Customer Reviews

    Based on 76 reviews
    I never received my package
    Can't live without it!

    Q.Up to what age can a boy use this?
    my son is 3 and he still can use it. it's suitable for toddlers from 2 years up to preschoolers like 7 years old.

    Q.I have read plenty of reviews that rave about this for boys. Has anyone had any luck with this for their little girl?
    I have used it with my daughter and son a lot since she was 18mo, she's 5 now. We travel a lot or its great for camping. The only thing you have to watch out for is when they get older and pee a lot then it can overflow but it will hold about an Ozarka water bottle amount easy.

    Q.I have a boy and a girl. Could I order the girls for my boy now and then still use for the girl since boys can point and shoot?
    Yes, you could certainly use the girls one for boys. Using the boys one for girls, however, would be tricky. does this would work for a girl? I can see the red one is for girls but, not sure about the orange thing in the center of the green spout...
    It is simple, just open the orange thing which plays a role in sealing.

    Q. Can this stand up on its own to use during a long car trip?
    My son is 2 1/2 and each time he has used it, it will fill about less than 1/4 of the way up peruse. It can be used probably 4 or 5 times before filling it to the top.

    Q.How do you open this to clean and drain?
    The lid screws in and off and I use hot water and soap to clean the inside after use.

    Q.does this product come with the bottle or only the guider? because I have seen other products with only a guider and no bottle
    What you see is what you get. Bottle and spout are included. I have the elephant one for my son and it has saved us so many times I can't even count. Never leaked either.

    Q.How is this better than a water bottle or jar?
    A. We used water bottles and it was a disaster. The slightest movement and it was all over. This has a wider opening and the angle makes it super easy to use.

    Q. Does the coronavirus disrupt your shipping process?
    A. Unfortunately, we had some customers who were telling us they had been waiting for three to four weeks to receive their packages due to the spread of the virus and dysfunctioning of the postal and shipping process but eventually it arrived.

    So, dear we humbly ask you to give it about 3 weeks to receive your item safe and sound and if it took more we apologize in advance and we wish you and your family have a safe time during this difficult time.




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