Mommy's Super Bag

Mommy's Super Bag


👌  It Solves Many Problems at Once!
👉 A Great Travel companion | A Perfect Baby Shower Gift

👶 Turn the diaper bag to a safe and easy portable car-seat in seconds
👶 No matter if you're traveling by your car or friend's or even Bus or Taxi, you'll have a reliable portable Car-seat with you all the time
👶 Carry all cute baby thingies in one compact, spacious and lightweight diaper bag just like an ordinary backpack
👶 use it whenever you want as a baby dining high-chair and feed the little bear at ease
👶 Its high-quality materials are soft and designed to be very comfortable
👶 being water-proof & oil-proof & non-stick material keeps your darling clean & hygienic 

🙅‍♂️ No more hassling in restaurants looking for baby high-chairs
🙅‍♂️ Nmore back pain of carrying a big convertible car-seat around
🙅‍♂️ Nmore wasting space in your car
🙅‍♂️ No more carrying multiple and extra bags and diaper bags

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Mommy's Super Bag & car-seats are exactly what parents need when they want to go out for traveling or dining or even driving. This stylish travel car-seat and specious diaper bag is really sturdy and reliable, with a solid and strong internal frame structure it can accommodate babies under ~55 pounds or about ~25 kg, Includes perfect storage for Baby bottles, diapers, napkins, milk cans, clothes, bibs, toys, etc.
  • Self-contained high-strength seat belt chuck, which can be installed easily in the automobile's front and back seat.
  • very durable and easy-to-clean materials.
  • Five locking belts system provide a superb non-slip grip on chairs and car seats for increased stability and extra safety.
  • its Folds neatly and you can carry it on one shoulder or both depending on the situation.
  • It makes it a lot easier for you to feed babies and kids!!!
The purpose of our innovative designs is to use one bag for many purposes and make travel easier and more convenient. from now on each mealtime is a great way to connect with your little bear.

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Top parfait


Super. For big baby who can sit small for those who like to have lots of things in the lange bag, enough for the minimum




Super Car-Seat Portable Diaper Bag


Super Car-Seat Portable Diaper Bag

Q. Is it approved for safety for use in a car?
A. Yes, This seat can be used as a child seat in a car. Please take extra safety measures while driving with kids. 

Q. Is this portable baby booster suitable for restaurant stalls?
A. definitely YES, our customers are really happy with that feature

Q.Does this travel well in a checked bag on an airplane? I'm trying to purchase a booster seat for air travel?
A. Yes. I put the travel booster seat in my large handbag and put it on the plane. Once I got to my seat I slipped it into one of the overhead bins, so that I can get to items I needed for my busy toddler during the flight.

Q. Can I use a children's travel chair at 8 months of age? Does he weigh 20 lbs?
A. Yes, you can. It's very useful, easy to carry, the pocket lets you have easy access to wipes, diapers and at list one change of clothes. Easy to clean.

Q.How to clean this Travel Booster Seat?
A. To clean the Travel Booster Seat please wipe with a clean, damp cloth and then allow to air dry. Do not bleach or place in the washing machine.

Q. Can the bottom of the baby chair pack store anything at the bottom?
A. Yes, Travel Booster Seat is large-capacity pockets, can put milk bottles, cups of clothes and toys, diaper wipes, can store baby daily necessities,

Q. Is the travel booster dining chair bag safe?
A. Very sturdy, strap it incorrectly and there is no issues. We use it at home and travel every day. It makes my son feel more part of the family at the table, sits right at the table with us.

Q.I do not see the built-in stroller straps. Where is it? how does it buckle to the handle of the stroller? will it fit unflappably Cruz stroller?
A. It comes with the shoulder straps and The straps are adjustable to fit any stroller.